Abolfazl Jafarzadehpour

Electrical Engineer

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Abolfazl Jafarzadehpour

Hello, fellow visitor. This is Abolfazl Jafarzadepour, also known as “The Technical Guy”. I have studied Electrical Engineering (M.Sc). I have invented more than 15 technical projects in the field of digital electronics which makes me one of the pioneers in the field of robotics. Also I have cooperated with other engineers and teams in the same field contributing to and based on sociality. One of my greatest passions is photography and adventurous trips, they have given me the strength to do many things I would’ve otherwise found impossible. Technical Guy out.

My Career

Things that I work on.

"Smart Faror" is Startup Company that Focus on IoT Technology and Remote Monitoring for any Purposes. "Smart Faror", Aids You to Become More and More Aware of Your Surrounding Environment.

"AksName" Studio is a Group of Professional Freelance Photographers. We Create the "AksName" Studio, Because We Want to Make the Every Moments of Daily Life, Last Forever!

Digital Electronics is My Main Specialty and i've done +15 Innovations in Technical Projects in the Field of Digital Electronics and I Also Worked on +20 Industrial Mechatronics Projects as Well.

MagnetGame Co, is the leading game publisher on mobile platforms with numerous award-winning hits around the Middle East. From our own humble beginnings, we’ve always strived to understand the needs of independent developers, and support them in a way that they simply couldn’t do on their own, whether that be from lack of time, resources or experience.

Digikala Group is a leading e-commerce organization with a firm grip in multiple online industries including consumer goods, fashion & apparel, e-books, content publishing, digital advertising, big data, fintech, FMCG and logistics. The company operates through its subsidiaries including Digikala, DIGISTYLE, Fidibo and Digistyle representing nearly 92% of Iran’s online retail market share.

Iranian teams have been an active participant of RoboCup events since 1998. The number of Iranian teams has been largely increasing over the past years. Furthermore, since the overall number world interested teams in RoboCup has increased; regional events may and can be a proper field for RoboCup leagues Technical Committees to see teams qualities for RoboCup World Competitions.


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